Friday, February 18, 2011

Jitega bhai, jitega… India jitega.

ICC World Cup 2011 Calendar.
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In a country where Cricket is religion, it feels nice to receive surprises like the one I got just before I left for a warm up World Cup match in Nagpur.

Couple of days ago, I got a sealed white envelope.

You must be wondering what is so surprising about it.

I was wondering too, what the envelope contained, till I opened it.

Eureka! Inside it was the ICC World Cup 2011 Calendar. And, guess what, inside it was my picture.

In the month of April, when the World Cup, would reach the pinnacle of it’s frenzy, my picture of Shivaji Park, where none other than, Sachin Tendulkar first started playing the sport, would stand on the desktop of the cricketing world and salute Mumbai and India, the host of the final of the ICC World Cup 2011.

Jitega bhai, jitega… India jitega. ☺

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Shashi Kshirsagar Photography said...

Hey Ritam...again bravo. I am missing all the cricket aura here in US... would like to see the world cup stories through your pictures...