Friday, January 21, 2011

Pooling together for our Incredible India.

"india !nclusive" at the World Economic Forum 2011 in Davos
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One regular afternoon, I got a phone call.

"Ritam, is that you!" inquired the voice on the other side.

"You are Horo, right?" I exclaimed.

Thus, two long lost friends from school got connected a few years ago.

Horo, runs a design firm in New Delhi and I love to travel and click pictures, in and out of Mumbai, for a living.

School got over and Horo went to the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (NID) and I to Fergusson College, Pune to study Physics with Photography, not realizing that years later, Horo would Google in search of a photographer for an Incredible India Campaign, and accidentally find me.

He did and we met after 16 years of oblivion.

Ever since, the two professionals have collaborated on many interesting projects together.

The latest being this hoarding with the IIMA (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) students welcoming the world to the World Economic Forum 2011 in Davos, Switzerland.

We would witness this and more in person soon, as we fly out to Davos to be a part of this global event.

People say, marriages are made in heaven... what about friends! :-)


suman mishra said...

I am so proud of you both! congratulations.. please pass on my best regards to horo.. :))
and have a great trip..!

Robin said...

Horo manages a 'Front' and Hero guards another... Managing 'Fronts' together creates pride for Ritam's father !

Congratulations & best wishes !!

...Robin Banerjee.

Chet said...
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Chet said...

Congratulations Ritam. Every step you take 'in the right direction' makes me even prouder to have known you so closely