Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All that's 'Good' is on the 'House' for 'keeps'.:-)

Some of the 'Good Housekeeping' Magazine covers I shot
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All that's 'Good' is on the 'House' for 'keeps'... Good people, good times, good memories.

Shooting 'Good Housekeeping' covers has always been fun. It has brought me face to face with some of the most beautiful women in the Indian history. This is something that the world can see. But, what the world can’t, are two beautiful young women, who have always stood, behind me, and my camera, to bring out all that is beautiful, in these images. Rima and Daena.

Hours from now, we would be shooting our last 'Good Housekeeping' cover together. Rima is moving on from being the Beauty Editor of 'Good Housekeeping' magazine to creating something that’s the most beautiful of them all. She is about to becoming a mother.

May the arrival of the new one, ‘keep’ Rima’s ‘house’ not just ‘good’, but the best, forever. :-)

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suman mishra said...

that's just lovely, ritam... :) and i love the covers here.. NICE work!