Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to the 'City of Dreams'...

Mumbai Domestic Airport
(Pic courtesy Tarana Khubchandani of Gallery Art & Soul)
Images from my series "Mumbai: the city that talks to me".
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The moment you arrive at the Kingfisher terminal, to collect your baggage, these images of Mumbai, welcomes you to the 'City of Dreams'.

I came to this city just over a decade ago. And even before I realized, she adopted me like a child, selflessly, to nurture my dreams of becoming a photographer.

These images, are my way of saying thank you, to the city that continues to welcome every dreamer into her arms, to make all our dreams come true.

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Robin Banerjee said...

Long time, no write ! Your Blog needs your new & latest info too like your Facebook page. Love.