Saturday, September 05, 2009

Thank You My Teacher. :-)

Thank you for helping me to read,
Thank you for holding my hand, so that I could write.
Thank you for taking me away, from the darkness of ignorance,
Thank you for showing me the knowledge, that lights.

Thank you for guiding me
To understand the world.
Thank you for steering me to become this big,
Even when I was so small.

Thank you
For you have taught me something too.
Everyday is a learning experience,
And someone like you, teaches me something new.

Thank you everyone for helping me
To choose the right from the wrong.
Thank you for knowledge is power
And that’s what makes us strong.

Thank You My Teacher.

Wish you a very Happy Teachers Day. :-)

1 comment:

Ashutosh said...

m leaving a comment a bit late i guess..
but nevertheless u made me remember my class 10 classteacher..thnks buddy..