Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A very Happy 'World Photography Day'!

Those are me taking pictures. (Click on the image to enlarge.) :-)

Picture me taking pictures... I lie down on the feet of a monk to get a picture, I hang myself out of a moving Mercedes to take a picture, I indulge in fights with some innocent warriors to capture their bright faces in my picture, I even have a conversation with Donald Duck, "Oh, yeah?" "Hiya, toots!" "Aw, phooey!" "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" "Nothin' to it!" to create my world full of pictures.

Hence, just couldn't find a better way to wish you all a
very Happy 'World Photography Day' than through the pictures of me taking pictures.

For those of you who are academically inclined and don't have the inclination to go back to one of my earlier posts, I would like you to also know, in case you already didn't, that 'On 19th August 1839, Arago made a presentation to the French Academies des Sciences and Beaux Arts, and described in great details the photography process invented by Daguerre. The French Government bought the process and presented it to the world on this day. The presentation discussed the evolution of Photography, predicted its brilliant future and the French Government having bought the process, offered its free use to the world. In an effort to establish permanent recognition for photographers on this historical date of August 19th, this day has been designated as 'World Photography Day'.

Happy Shooting. :-)

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Nigel Pinto said...

Hi Ritam,
Love your photoessays especially, Wheels of change and Bollywood in BW.
What is your game plan for street photography?.

I was in Calcutta, and noticed a lot of photo ops. Thinking that a SLR would generate a lot of distraction on the street, especially when I want candid street shots or posed shots of people around..

What are your views/techniques to street photography, in terms of people asking for something in return of being photographed.

My next street photography mission would be in Mumbai, around the first week of September. Do you have any advice for me?

Thanks for your time reading this comment.