Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Right Way or The Left Way?

"Alan Parsons' Project" concert in Mumbai.

An artist often forgets that he needs to buy his paints and the businessman often forgets to enjoy a colour. Why so?

It is understood, that there are two sides to the brain – right (creative) and left (analytical). Due to our lifestyles, and experiences, certain attributes get stronger in certain people. Good artists and businessmen will focus only on their strengths. However, only those who can balance creativity and business acumen achieve the extra mile, reaching the stars.

There is enough material in bookstores about boosting creativity or business acumen. However, there is no taught way to achieve equilibrium; this happens only through asking questions.

Art…has only been a personal question. It has fed my growth as an independent photographer. But, I’ve had my doubts if my financial growth was going the ‘right’ way.

So, in search of an expert, I met a senior banker, who ended up coaching me for two hours about accounting. Thankfully, finance is a harder subject with readymade answers.

I haven’t yet achieved any form of equilibrium. It will be a slow balancing act from here on – the middle path to growth, I guess.

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