Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to School

It has taken me a long time to flesh out this blogger in me. There was a lot I had to catch up with blogging before I plunged into it. However, this is very interesting, because this place allows me to share and interact with a variety of persons.

Today, I have been given yet another opportunity to interact with people, especially, students. I am looking forward to teaching and conducting workshops with them. Not simply to share, but to know. Younger minds have fresher perspectives, ideas and questions.  Hopefully, I will be exposed to some of these minds and learn more by teaching them.

It is the student in me who is extremely eager about these new ventures. After all, learning and the want to learn are never ending. This is why we change, emote, ignore, or interact. We all are, primarily, students, aren’t we! 

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