Saturday, March 21, 2009

If you have the WILL… you have the POWER to Raj (Rule)…

Yesterday, I met the epitome of Will Power… The ultimate of Self-Belief… The heights of Confidence… The pinnacle of Determination… The zenith of Self-Assurance… Raj Sir (Mr. Raj Kumar Jha, National Creative Director, Ogilvy).

The Man, who selflessly ran in front of us literally, for years, only to show us all, the simplest way to win every race of life, suddenly encountered a complicated paralysis, waist below.

Doctors gave up hope. But he didn’t.

Last evening, this man walked all by himself into the airport to catch his flight back to Delhi, in front of my eyes, those very eyes, which had the misfortune to see the same legs lying still in bed in his Delhi home. The year was 2007.

Not even for once did he mention of his agony, not then, not yesterday, but continued to part with his ‘mantras’ to discover ecstasy with ideas and anecdotes only about the common minds but that transcends the notice of a common mind by light-years.

A simple example of his ingenuity comes from an audio documentary he had made, for the BBC Radio, by only capturing the varied tones in which every Indian Chaiwalla (Tea Sellers) sells tea across the largest Railway network in the world… Creating melody from montages of cacophony… I know not who else could have even envisioned it! Alas! Mere words just cannot even give a glimpse of the genius.

He is the lesson, “If you have the WILL… you have the POWER to Raj (Rule)…”

Keep walking…

# You can find a taste of his brilliance on

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