Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holi Hai!

Since, Holi of 1983, then & now, ‘the colors of life’ has not faded an iota from my eyes.

Thank you Baba, for emailing late last night, this colorful moment of my life from the black & white days.

It is such colorful moments that makes the urge stronger, to saturate each day of my life with the colors of the “gift” that I earn for being myself, with the “present”.

My Holi began with 'Bhang Ki Thandai'# and colorful friends (who are still on Cloud 9, thanks to the Bhang... Unki toe Hilo... Holo... Hol... Ho ho ho ho ho ho... leeeeee... samajdar ke liye eshara kafi hai.) and continues....

Tonight, I am meeting all the three Chanda together, Samir Chanda, Leela Chanda and Bonny Chanda after really, really, really long... And Dada is cooking chicken. :-)

Happy Holi! … Holi Hai!!!

#Bhang Ki Thandai (Hindi)- intoxicating drink consumed especially during Holi: is a delicious drink popular in many parts of India which is made by mixing 'bhang' (preparation from the leaves and flowers (buds) of the female cannabis plant, consumed in the Indian subcontinent. It is consumed either as a beverage or smoked) with thandai, a cold beverage prepared with almonds, spices, milk and sugar.

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