Friday, March 13, 2009

An evening at Tetsuma…

Last evening was a celebration of young talent at Tetsuma. Thanks to Parmesh, Lamya and Sona from Verve for putting such a sweet little evening together.

Sona’s Facebook status this morning, “…thanks rhys, revanta, alisha and rohini for makin it so spl. u guys were mindblowing! missed u sonakshi!”, aptly sums up the evening.

You could find these promising young bunches of talents, I was delighted to shoot, in the latest issue of Verve. They are the future of entertainment… Revanta, the prolific dancer, Rhys, the melodious saxophonist, Rohini, the dynamic Radio Jockey, Alisha, the vibrant singer, Shane, effervescent Music producer, Ayan, the confident filmmaker, Anand, the versatile actor and last but in no way the least, Sonakshi, the sizzling model with one of the sweetest face, I have ever seen.

Here they are for you in pictures…

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