Wednesday, February 17, 2010

By the PEOPLE, of the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE

PEOPLE Magazine (Feb 26, 2010 Edition).
Nida Umerjee Photography: Jitendra Bhagat & Kirti Surve Parade

Here is the making of Our Calendar with PASSAGES (NGO working for Breast Cancer Awareness),
by the PEOPLE,
of the PEOPLE,
for the PEOPLE.

Thank you to all you wonderful PEOPLE, who worked, behind the scene, with me, to create images that would remind PEOPLE, the year around, to take care of themselves and their near and dear ones.

Thank you PEOPLE Magazine, for taking the message further, to the world of many many more extraordinary PEOPLE, with extraordinary stories.

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Shovona Karmakar said...

never told you till date.. but it remains my fav. from urs collection.. :)
keep clicking
keep inspiring :D