Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Better' 'Times' to 'Smart' Photography.

It’s been ten long years since I had been a part of a photography magazine.

In the year 1999-2000, I used to take care of ‘Better Photography’ and write columns for ‘The Times Journal of Photography’.

Today, I got featured in ‘Smart Photography’. (Click images to enlarge)

Is this what’s called, ‘Completing a cycle’ or is it ‘The beginning of a new journey’!

Picking up the October issue of India’s Number 1 Imaging Magazine, in my hand, this evening was quite a déjà vu.

It was under Khushroo and Mr. Billimoria, my life began as a professional in Mumbai (then Bombay), after college, way back in May 1999, and today getting featured in a magazine, which is published by Khushroo and edited by Mr. Billimoria, is simply nostalgic.

I am touched. Thank you Mathew for doing this piece on me and bringing back sweet memories of the wonder years that was nothing but wonderful.

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shob said...

I remember those days... you were just trying to make it. Glad you made it so far!