Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tribute to the Icon of Color Film Photography, Kodachrome.

Making positives out of negatives is slowly moving towards extinction in the world of photography with the digital medium slowly but surely killing the film fraternity.

For someone like me whose wonder years revolved around only films in his early days in the world of photography, it’s disheartening to say the least.

Today another favorite film of mine is becoming the casualty to the needs of the instant digital imaging world. Kodacrome would be no more. A film, which won many a laurels in its 74 years of life in the photography world, is now going out of production.

A film which was the world’s first commercially successful color film that promised every photography lover rich yet realistic tones, vibrant colors and durability, would now only be seen in the history of photography books as Kodak has declared the end of it’s production henceforth.

Here through one of my colorful Kodak moments I pay my humble tribute to the icon, Kodachrome.


RajatGhosh said...

let it go .
we just talk, but shoot digital so ...

3con said...

Its a cycle of universal system. Nothing is going to be stable. We think we achieve a remarkable status in the world by making the movie in black or colour print. You dont know what will be happened to this movie after 100 years.

We, all are the workers of the system whether we are big, rich or famous.

Only, thing is that we get the attention and fame by creating the good movies, photography.