Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Hundredth Step

It has been rough month setting up a new workstation with my team at Parel, a nice white room well lit and cross-ventilated. It even has a nice attic loft adding interesting dimensions to this space. We’ll soon be putting up some artwork on these large halls. It is really exciting that the new furniture has taken its place, with even a nice glass round table hungry for ideas, arguments and discussions. Work has started full swing.

Getting here has been a slow and steady climb, with every step teaching me about life, business, photography and people. All this started with just a 35mm SLR, and me. But, now I have two workstations filled with newness every day.

However, I keep travelling from some shoot and to some meeting, and then return to this workstation rarely for the past few days. Then, I stand gazing up at the five floors, and tentatively counting the hundred steps that lead me there. A climb, everyday! But, I find all of this worth it. It is a beginning.

This slow comeback to my blog - something I am trying to understand - is dedicated to everyone who is hungry for growth. This is a post for every learner, like me, who is bent about taking the next step, beyond the hundredth.


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