Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another day in Paradise….

Yesterday, was truly another “Another day in Paradise…”, thanks to Julia from Gettyimages, who created the golden opportunity for me to spend one more day in the company of Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, Rubiana Ali (the stars from “Slumdog Millionaire) and their colorful family.

Danny Boyle a very big thank you to you for showing me the true meaning of a popular Hindi phrase, “Kichar may he, kamal khilta hai” (Lotus blossoms only in the muck).

Though photography has gone digital, to me, it's still about "Making POSITIVES out of NEGATIVES". Let the pictures speak for themselves. I needn’t speak more, need I! ☺


View said...

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Sandeepan Chanda said...

'Another achievement in Paradise....'!!! Way to go!!

Princess said...

Thanks you for wonderful works again!!!I realy like your works(^^)
I am looking forward to your works again.
Your faces also are so good!!!