Friday, December 12, 2008

Mumbai, we are proud of you.

Sorry for not having visited you for a while. I missed you too, my beloved digital dairy.

During this interim, I discovered your cousin, who even talks about you (less of talk and more of action). She is:

She tell tales about the things I saw, the things I did, the things I felt, when I had left you alone. Yet, I am happy you were not around.

Pay her a visit, if you will, and you would know, why I was happy to be without you all this while.

During this time of helplessness, in your absence, my pictures shot for Getty Images, got published all over the globe... In The Washington Post, The Lede – The New York Times, The Guardian – UK, The Vancouver Sun, The National Post – Canada, ABC News, The Independent – UK,, Irish Times, LA Times, BBC Online, Stern – Deutschland, World News - Japan, amongst several others.

I should have been elated... Alas! I wasn't, for these pictures only told stories of my beloved Mumbai city's miseries in the fangs of terror. It hurts.

Pray that my pictures keep getting published more and more, but only pictures of joy, not of sorrow, pictures that promise us a much more happier tomorrow.

I salute you, Mumbai, meri jaan (my loved one)... for erasing the villains of terror, with your mighty spirit... for holding onto our Taj (in Hindi which means the Symbol of Honor)... for standing tall like the "Gateway of India".

Mumbai, we are proud of you.

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