Friday, November 21, 2008

Lost & Found :-)

Dairy writing was after all a good habit, my English teacher taught me, way back in school.

One day, I came to college. Started taking pictures… and even before I could realize, I was a photographer.

Intelligent, as I thought, I was, I realized, “A picture speaks a thousand words”.

And words started to disappear from my Dairy. One day, the Dairy disappeared too, along with my good habit to write.

Years later, came a call… the call from technology. I was reminded of my Dairy again… IT had named it Blog.

My Dairy had taught me to tell tales of the times well spent, and the times not so well spent with my world and I.

My good old friend, my Dairy, was back, and this time, with a lot of friends. Friends I could be friend with. Friends, with whom I could share my world and learn about theirs.

Wow! The chatterbox in me was thrilled.

I instantly opened my digital Dairy…

Alas! I hardly could write. I had forgotten to talk to myself about myself, in pursuit of telling tales of the other worlds, through the eyes of my camera.

My camera obscura had taken me so away, only to make images of the outside world, that I had totally gotten obscured from my own world within.

My caller-tune on my phone started haunting me… “Bulla ki jaana main kaun!...” (a beautifully rendered composition by Rabbi, the singer, of a poem of a Sufi saint from the 18th Century, named Bulla Shah, who questions himself about his ignorance about himself, through this thought provoking piece).

Today, I have found my long lost friend, my Dairy, again.

Be it though pictures, or be it through words, I promise you, my Dairy, I would keep in touch. ☺

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